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STIE IGI Jakarta - 37 years

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International Golden Institute of Economics


Chairman : Ali Mutaufiq, S.E., M.M
Founded 1983


Employee Class Program

New Student Admissions are held EVERY SEMESTER
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New Student Registration Candidates S1 & S2

Employee Class
Even Semester Year 2020/2021
1. For the entire graduate SMA/SMK, D3/Polytechnic/Academy, D1, D2, S1, etc.; proceed to Bachelor (S1) or moved majors.
2. To all graduates S1 proceed to S2 Program (MM).

Period I = 1 September - 29 November 2020
Period II = 30 November 2020 - 10 January 2021
Period III = 11 January - 7 March 2021

Starting Lecture = Saturday, 13 March 2021
Note : When you have the capacity to meet the immediate registration closed this semester, and next semester of enrollment immediately opened.

Biaya (Sudah Termasuk Biaya KTM) = Rp 150.000,-
Registration is open EVERY DAY: Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Registration can be directly on the campus STIE IGI Jakarta (P2K Secretariat) or represented or can be via Post, Phone, Fax, mail, or via Internet or via Online Admission.

Accounting (S-1)
Financial Accounting
Public Sector Accounting
Finance and Banking
Management (S-1)
Financial Management
Marketing management
Human Resource Management
Company Management
Business Management
Operational Management
S-2 Programs
Masters of Management (MM)

Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Education Management
Public Management/Administration
Company Management
Business Management
Operational Management

Subsidized tuition fee some companies, but it also carried out cross-subsidies, making it affordable communities. To make it more affordable to the public, is also given tuition credit facilities without interest and without collateral so as to afford the monthly installments according to the ability of students.

In accordance with Law-RI No.20 Th.2003 on National Education System (SISDIKNAS) in Section 19 paragraph (2) that "Higher Education organized by the Open Systems". And Law-RI explanation is written: "Education is an open system of education held by flexibility of choice and completion time cross-unit programs and educational pathways (multi entry-multi exit system). Learners can learn by working, or take educational programs .... etc."

Also in accordance with Constitution 1945 that "Every citizen has the right to education". While there are some among the citizens of the community who have limited free time (especially employees). Also some people who have limited funds.

To meet these needs STIE IGI Jakarta organizes Employee Class simultaneously implement SOCIAL COMMITMENT. That is, with provide an opportunity for the whole community of graduates SMA, SMK, D1, D2, D3, Polytechnic, S1, etc., both of which have limited free time and limited funds, to continue their education (or moving departments) to Bachelor level (S-1) or Master level (S-2)in majors of interest, a viable and quality appropriate Excellence & Advantages of STIE IGI Jakarta. . . . . see all

Education System & Status of Graduates

Education systems are implemented in a professional and appropriate for employees who are busy with work and for those who are not employees.

Graduates and Students P2K (Employee Class) and the Regular Program have STATUS, QUALITY, ACADEMIC RIGHTS, DEGREE, and DIPLOMAS THE SAME.

Diplomas and academic transcripts (Transcript) Employee Class (P2K) and the Regular Program is the SAME. And on the diploma and transcript, not written whether Graduates P2K whether Regular Graduates. Because Employee Class is the Regular Program with class schedules and different lecture participants

S1 and S2 Program Graduates Employee Class International Golden Institute of Economics prepared to become Bachelor (S1) and Master (S2) accordance with department / program of study, can develop their identity with the provision of science, technology, and art, so as to solve problems and develop their knowledge.

Graduates has a strong ability to master the theory as well as applications, and professional skills as well as a comprehensive perspective; develop mental attitude oriented professionals in solving the problem based on the flow-systems thinking; able to develop theoretical studies of current conceptual; has the ability to perform a variety of basic research and applied. . . . . see all
STIE IGI Jakarta Photo Gallery

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Employee Class STIE IGI Jakarta Susebershop Photo Gallery 3
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Complete facilities: swimming
pool, gazebo, function room, etc.

Rental price per villa
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Sunday - Thursday :
Rp 900,000 - 1,000,000
Friday : Rp 1,300,000 - 2,000,000
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Big day : Rp 1,900,000 - 2,600,000
(for max 20 people per villa)

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